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King Isis is the queer, Black genre-bending afrofuture you don’t want to miss. Born-and-raised in the cultural hub of Oakland, CA, King Isis brings the life back to music with their raw, honest, and gritty sounds. A musical shapeshifter, Isis emerges with a refreshing fusion of sound ranging from alt-rock to RnB, to blues to boho indie-pop. King Isis challenges the expected. Through each song, King Isis takes you on a journey of healing and becoming, creating new worlds through their songs with haunting vocals, vulnerable lyrics, and expansive musical abilities. A counter-culture weirdo, King Isis creates for those outside the margins. King Isis believes in the healing power of music and hopes to continue to bring those who feel outcasted and isolated into the fluid space of their sounds. 


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King Isis is only just getting started, landing performances at Bandcamp Oakland’s debut showcase, Bay Area’s staple festival Noise Pop, and has performed across the US and Europe. With their 3-part introductory EP series, split by sounds + seasons, Isis challenges both the binaries of society and the boundaries of genre, traversing through different realms of reality in their music by rejecting the limitations of the status quo. King Isis is up next; ready to disrupt, destruct and unify through their sounds.

"My music is like Kurt Cobain + Erykah Badu SPREADING FAIRY DUST at a rave in THE FOREST"

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Mitski, Erykah Badu, Lianne La Havas, King Krule


Punk rock meets RnB meets indie boho-pop


  • Opening for worldwide acclaimed Toni, Tony, Toné

  • Performed at max capacity Bandcamp Headquarters show

  • Performed at local favorite Noise Pop Festival

  • Performed 70+ shows from CA, NYC, to Europe

King Isis is set to release their first single, SPARKLY, off their three-part introductory EP series on May 7th. A song of hope, struggle, and becoming, SPARKLY introduces King Isis to the world as a singer/ songwriter, musician, and performer, blending elements of jazz, RnB, and hip-hop into a three- minute track.